Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father's Day at my Happy Place

We got to drive up to my happy place to spend time with my Father in Law.
It was so much fun, getting to see him, and relaxing in the Virginia Mountains.  I can't even began to explain how peaceful it is up there.  Everything is so beautiful and everyone is so nice.

My father in law is doing great with his recovery on his knee surgery.  He got around really good.  I see alot of my husband in him....they both don't like to be down.  Always gotta be doing something.  Ha!  But it was nice to hear his physical therapist say he was doing great and making improvements.

While we were there we got out and did a little site seeing.
                                       I love the Mountains.  And you see a lot of old barns.

            My father in law has 6 horses, and I think I counted 7 cats.  Lots of animals around to love on.

                                                               And they love the attention.

      Every time Shelby would walk out there, two of the horses would walk right up to her and just stand.

                While we were there we decided to walk on the New River Trail State Park.  It was nice.

                It was really nice and the trail was clean and wide.  We saw lots of people on bikes and
                                                                  a few where on horses.

                     We saw more old barns, bridges and we got to watch three deer run across the river.
                             (I wasn't able to get my camera fast enough to get a photo of them running.)

                           On the trial there were some cute little Mountain Cottages you could rent.
                                            And of course my two just had to get near the water.

           My mini me makes me laugh...she found ways to carry her water bottle.  Notice the second photo?
                                                 She has it stuck in the back of her tank top. Ha!

Over all we had a great weekend.  Now we are back home, I gotta say it was sad watching the Mountains get smaller and smaller in my rear view mirror.  Now it's back to work, and helping my daughter fill out applications for a summer job, maybe she will find one before the summer is over.


  1. Looks like a wonderful visit. I love cats, especially and the horses are gorgeous.
    Best wishes to your daughter in her job search.
    Thanks for sharing the awesome photos.

  2. i can certainly see why you love virginia area! your father-in-law has a beautiful place and lovely animals, too! glad he's doing well!

    thanks for finding my place! i see we have 'blackberry lane' in common! :)

  3. I can see why you love to visit. What a lovely place, so green and beautiful.