Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Raven Rock State Park, North Carolina (Part two)

After finishing the Campbell Creek Trail we sat down to eat lunch.  They have two large shaded picnic areas with plenty of tables, but we decided to sit in the car and run the AC. Ha!  Then we hit the Raven Rock Tail.
And wouldn't you know as soon as we started on this trial we see this....
 Yes that is a snake. It was a small one but to me a snake is a snake.   I could have gotten a great photo of it in plain view while it was going across the path but all three of us just stood there frozen while watching it.  SO, after seeing the snake I didn't get many "nature" shots because I didn't take my eyes off the walking path...haha!  But here is a few.

Raven Rock is a unique part of the park.  The rock is HUGE and I wasn't able to get the whole thing in a photo.

It was really nice to see.  It is amazing to me on how many places are just hidden that we will never get to see.  I told my daughter that I hope she will continue to find State Parks and enjoy it with her family.  She has never been one to sit and play video games, but that cell phone is always in her hand.  

I wasn't to sure about all the steps to get to the Rock but I got down them and back up them. I am guessing that they are the reason my legs are still hurting.  Ha!

My two favorite people in the world aren't afraid to get out there and explore.  My hubby is the leader and my mini me isn't to far behind him.  And me....well I sit back and enjoy watching them while wondering where that snake went too!

There was one trail we didn't do because of time, it has a overview looking over the river and a area for fishing.  I look forward to going back soon.  


  1. I LOVE places like that. So beautiful, so peaceful! And I think places like that should be cellphone-and-i-pod FREE.

  2. I'm with you -- I don't like snakes!

  3. Oh so beautiful, what a special place. As for the snake, yikes, Francine.

  4. Beautiful. I love places like this too. And as for the snake...HELP! ;-)

  5. north carolina sure looks beautiful, too!