Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A girl can dream....right?

Wonder why my blog title is 'Living in Galax........ but I don't?

That's because my Father in law does and I love that place.  I live in NC, in the country but is flat land.  It's not that I dislike NC, I don't.  But there is something about Galax.  Everytime I have gone there the stress leaves my body.  I have often told my hubby and daughter that one day I would love to live there.  You can give everyone the beach but I will take the mountains.   (I love the beach too, but as a vacation.) It's just so laid back, everyone seems so nice and friendly.  And the scenery is breathtaking, and each season has it's own look.

I hope that one day I and my family can move to Galax.....or at least visit more often.

Some of my Father in Laws horses.

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