Monday, May 19, 2014

It's seen better days.....

A very close friend of our family passed away and when she did she left her belongings to my dad.  She didn't have any children and her husband had passed before her.  She was like a Grandma to me, she was a very sweet friend.  So one day my dad was cleaning out her house and shelter.  And he came across this old vintage metal glider.  It was in BAD shape.  And he was about to toss it into the trash.

Did I mention it was in BAD shape. (I know what you are probably thinking, and yes I could just go by a new one but it wouldn't be a Old/Vintage glider.  There is just something to the old and giving it new life ) My husband stopped him and took a look at it up close. The metal frame is still tight and he even sat on it.  It just needs the wood slates replaced and sanded and repainted.  I still look at it and shake my head but if anyone can "bring it back to life" then it would be my husband.  I hope one day to have this done and sitting on my front porch at my dream house.

I am leaning towards painting it a rustic red, and then have the wood slates stained a dark brown.  And then make some throw pillows to add to it.  

I have been searching the internet for more vintage metal gliders and I found a few....

I found this one over at Variation on Vintage , I love the long cushion.

Then I came across this one (I would like our wood redone in this dark shade) at Because I like to Decorate. 

This one is just like ours.  I love the throw pillows across the back.  Found it at The Dwelling Station.  So picture this one painted in a rustic red with wood slates like the one above this pic.
Then maybe some of theses old looking vintage/country burlap pillows across the back.

Well it's going to be a while before we get started on it, and I will make sure to update as we do!! 
Happy Monday.


  1. Great find....cant wait to see it after you have refinished it and put your touch on it.

  2. Lovely idea...
    Please keep us updated. : )

  3. We have a glider that was Mr. Ken's mom's and it has seen better days now.
    Mr. Ken wants to get rid of it but I'd like the redo ours too.

    Looking forward an update.

    M :)